Monday, May 03, 2010

Planting the seeds

My children know very well about my fascination and passion for Amateur Radio. They probably just thing of it as a "Dad thing", without much meaning for them. But that just might change.

It is time for my 9 year old son to come up with a project for this year's science fair in school. He was a little undecided about what to do when I started explaining to him about the electromagnetic spectrum; and how there are other parts of it besides light.

That's when we got to the part about radio waves; and I asked him if he'd like to build a radio that wouldn't need batteries out of simple household objects. His interest was piqued and now we have a project to work on together.

Hopefully, it will go over well; and maybe, just maybe a few radio seeds will be planted for future cultivation.

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Paul N0NBD10:00 PM

    Larry, I was about your son's age when my Dad helped me build a crystal radio. I remember vividly Dad telling me about his and going to Pioneer Warehouse and getting the germanium diode and wire. With that, a toilet paper tube, some nails and shellac we made the radio. I learned morse with a flashlight in Scouts but it was MANY years later that I become a ham. I have a diode stashed and some wire and a TP tube. I am waiting for the proper weekend to help my 9 year old grandson build his radio... I love this stuff! 72 de Paul N0NBD

    PS I am thinking abt a foxhole radio for me with the razor blade. hi.

  2. Hi Larry, my eldest son told me that he might go for a license. He is 39 years old, so...