Tuesday, December 27, 2011

80 Meter Fox Hunt tonight

and the ol' NJ - WI pipeline is back !!!

Jerry N9AW, one of the Foxes is SUPER loud here into NJ. 599+ and he sounds like he could be right in the neighborhood.  Jerry is handling stations with expertise and I got my pelt at 0205 UTC - five minutes into the hunt.

The other Fox, Rene K5JX is not even being heard at this point. BUT, I did hear Todd N9NE work him; so I know where to listen. Todd, also in WI is back to his ol' "knock the cans off of Larry's head" mode.  I think Todd is a skosh louder than Jerry tonight.

Too bad that both Foxes aren't from Wisconsin tonight. I'd have a double pelt without breaking a sweat!

On a side note, it's quite warm here in NJ tonight.  55F the last time I checked about a half hour ago. The bad side is that the rain is teeming down.  Alerts have been posted for local and coastal flooding.  I got soaked running to and from the car coming home from work tonight.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Addendum: I found Rene - he's working around right where I heard Todd.  He's getting louder and if he gets even louder, it might be worth a shot sending my call.  However, some Maryland Net being called up by N3DE just came up on frequency without notice and they are totally covering up Rene.  My ears are bleeding as I had the volume set pretty high!

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