Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Spent the day procuring the Christmas tree.  This year, we have continued a tradition begun last year; and we went to a Christmas Tree "farm" where you pick out the tree you like and they cut it for you, right there. The name of the place is Griffin Farms in South Brunswick, NJ.  It was a beautiful day for the task - sunny and about 40F (4C).

Cara, Joey and Marianne and I took our time looking at specimens.  Here is a Frasier Fir that we kind of liked.  Of course, it had to be measured to make sure it wouldn't be too tall for the living room.

We finally found this one all the way on the other side of the farm.  It measured at 7 feet (2.1M) and was considered to be just about perfect for our needs.  I think it's a Balsam Fir - not claiming to be a botanist by any means, but nonetheless, a very "traditional" looking kind of Christmas Tree. The next thing to do was to get one of the workers to cut it down for us.  

This guy was extremely nice to us.  He must have been having a bad day with a lot of nit-picky requests.  When we pointed out the tree we wanted and asked him to cut it for us with no other special requests, he was so happy that he gave us this 7' tree for the price of a 5.5' foot tree - a savings of about $15.  Then the tree was baled up and put atop the Jeep.

Once we got it home,  I unbundled it, got it in the stand with some nice, fresh water.  Then I got the lights and garland on it and let Marianne and the kids take over from there.  Here's the finished product:

Now all this puppy needs is a gift wrapped KX3 underneath it to make it complete. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen; but I can dream - can't I ?

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Larry, it's a beautiifull tree. Wow, what a work the get the right christmas tree. Seems that it is a traditional family event in the USA? I like the license plate on your jeep by the way. Have a nice christmas. 73, Bas

  2. Good morning Larry, the tree looks great! We used to cut our own tree down but now that the kids are gone we use the pretend one...which we setup on the weekend as well. Oh and it's nice they cut the tree for you. Where we used to go you get dropped off by a tractor cut your own and the tractor comes back to pick you up.

  3. Hi Larry,
    Nothing wrong with daydreaming. But the tree looks really nice.
    73 Paul