Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another night QRN'ed to pieces.

The 40 Meter Foxhunt was a dud tonight, even though I think I am hearing one of the Foxes.  I have the 10 over 9 QRN again.  If it is AA4XX that I am hearing, then he'd be an easy 579 / 589 if the band was quiet.

And to make matters worse, I made a sked with Joe KK0SD on 20 Meters in order to get K6JSS/0 for South Dakota.  This band noise is taking out 20 Meters for me tonight, too.

It's enough to make a person utter, "Bah, humbug!"

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Why don't you preface your blog entries with some sort of identifier. That way when people see them on someone else's blogroll, they'll already know that going to read it will be a total waste of time.

  2. Although it is probably not the case in your situation Larry, I once had intermittent QRN in my old neighborhood that I tracked down to a loose connection on a nearby utility transformer. The power co. took care of it right away.

    I found it using a handheld SW radio that had one of those bar antennas. I'd turn it for strongest signal then walk in one of the directions broadside to it.


  3. Thanks, Casey! Yes, that is something that I am going to have to do. I do believe the offender is an appliance in someone's house, though.

    To Anonymous:

    Wow! Did someone get out of the wrong side of bed this morning; or perhaps a few reindeer messed in your corn flakes?

    How does one answer such a complaint?

    Well, allow me to most humbly and most sincerely apologize for wasting the 10 or 15 seconds that it took you to read such a very brief post.

    I can only wish you the Merriest of Christmases, with the gladdest tidings of the Season. May your 2012 be most healthy and prosperous!

    72 de Larry W2LJ

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    There's no need to apologize and Merry Christmas to you too. It wasn't the 10-15 seconds that it took to read it, it was the feeling of "Why would anyone deem this worthy of posting?". Your blog is linked from many other sites, don't make us, your readers, feel slighted.

  5. "Why would anyone deem this worthy of posting?".

    Umm ..... maybe simply because that it's my blog and I felt like it? I am also an avid reader of other blogs. I don't question why people post the things that they do, I simply read them.

    This is meant to be for fun and enjoyment. I'll endeavor to keep it more relevant in the future; but I suppose of it becomes too much of a chore and not enough "fun", I can always shut it down.

    Larry W2LJ