Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am almost at a loss for words

Sometimes I post things that are controversial.  Sometimes I post things that are boring (and do I ever hear about that!) Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to post words that touch people's lives in a certain way.

Two folks sent me e-mails about a couple of those today - and for that I am truly, truly grateful.  Your kind words are appreciated in ways you can't imagine.  Thanks so very much!

In other Amateur Radio news, the KX3 list is hopping like crazy, as you can imagine.  Wayne N6KR alluded to the fact that the User Manual will probably be released in January, while the Assembly Manual won't be ready until February.

Always being somewhat curious, I would love to know what the first hour and first day order figures for the KX3 were.  After all, this radio was introduced at Dayton and so many videos featuring the radio were released in the meantime.  I'm sure there was a "dam bursting at the seams" phenomena, and it would be very interesting (to me anyway) to see how order figures stacked up against those for the K3 and perhaps the KX1.

I continued to get some more QSLing done today.  I am so embarrassed that I have let my QSLing slip.  If you've sent me a card in the past few months and I haven't responded ...... well, keep an eye on your mailbox within the next few weeks.

Oh, and by the way, in my post the other day, I didn't mean to denigrate or sound harsh about DX stations who insist on QSLing direct with a couple of green stamps included.  For guys who are in rare locations, I can understand totally.  If they didn't QSL that way, they would probably quickly go broke.

I also mentioned using the ARRL Outgoing QSL Service.  If you're an ARRL member and you're not aware of this service - please, by all means, check it out!  This is by far the most economical way I can think of to send out QSL cards to DX stations who will accept cards via their Bureau.  They will even accept cards for DX stations that go to US QSL managers!  The ARRL Outgoing QSL Service, IMHO, is one of the best side benefits of being an ARRL member.

My good friend, and fellow Polar Bear, Rem K6BBQ has posted another outstanding video - this one concerning the December Polar Bear outing which coincided with the ARRL 10 Meter contest. Rem is right up there with Steve WG0AT as far as quality video goes.  I am posting here for your viewing pleasure:

Keep up the good work, Rem.  Your craft is enjoyed and most appreciated! The laughs are appreciated, also - it's great when we don't take ourselves too seriously and actually have fun.

Driving to work today, I saw a few Christmas trees already on some folk's curbs, ready for pick up.  For me, that's one of the saddest sights of the season.  But also - getting rid of your tree before New Year?  After all, Christmas is SUPPOSED to last for twelve days -right?  I'm not a die hard adherent to leaving the tree up for all twelve days - but at W2LJ, we do wait until New Years Day or later to do the dirty deed of getting rid of the tree.

I had hoped to be more prolific in terms of blogging compared to 2010.  Looks like I am going to come up short of my goal.  Within the next two days, I'll post some about some reflections from this year and some hopes for 2012.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP -When you care to send the very least!

PS: 40 Meter Fox Hunt tonight.  John K4BAI and Tom KV2X are the Foxes.  Two superb ops!  Hope to hear YOUR call being answered tonight.


  1. This is the first Christmas that my wife and I didn't put up a tree. Both of us spent some time in November in the Hospital and it's been a good day followed by a bad one. Luckily she's up when I'm down and I'm up when she's down. Have stayed away from my radio as well, but getting the urge to get back on the air. I'm also enjoying blogs like yours.

    Thanks, Have a Happy New Year.

    73 DE KI7up

  2. Larry, glad to know I got you to laugh. Thanks for the huge compliment, to be compared to Steve is a great comparison. 73 Rem