Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can't sleep

so I will peck away at the keys for a few moments, hoping that tiredness will come.

As the song goes, "Christmas is a comin' and the goose is getting fat" ..... my lovely bride asked me what I want for Christmas.  Other than the KX3, for which I have funds set aside, I really can't think of anything all that much.  A weather station perhaps?  I've always wanted one of those; and John AE5X pointed me towards a rather inexpensive one.  I have enough keys and unbuilt kits.  What I really would like is a trip out to Dayton for FDIM in 2012.  THAT would be ideal!

What are you folks hoping that Santa will leave under the tree for you?  Maybe I can garner some ideas. :)

The weather is turning nasty.  It was quite warm the past couple of days, feeling more like April than December. But that is changing with a vengeance.  It has been pouring buckets all day and the temperature is steadily sinking.  It started out at about 56F (13C) this morning.  Right now, it's 40F (4C) and the rain is getting closer and closer to turning over to snow.  The weather folks say that by tomorrow morning we should have a coating to about 1/2 an inch on the ground.

The weather for the weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the low 40s (4C) each day - good weather for Christmas Tree buying this Sunday!  I think that this Christmas we will be staying home. I believe that both my sister and my wife's brother have their respective in-laws to visit this year, so it may end up just being the four of us at home with a small turkey for Christmas dinner.  That would be nice for a change, instead of hurrying to and fro to someone else's house for the day.  If we are fortunate enough to get a white Christmas this year, that would seal the deal.

In all my 54 years, I can really only remember about 2 or 3 white Christmases here in NJ.  They do not come often at all, and are quite rare.  Cold Christmases, on the other hand are fairly common, but by no means the rule.  I have experienced Christmases where the weather felt like Easter and Easters where the temperatures felt like Christmas.  But we have also had our share of bone chilling, teeth chattering, knee knocking cold Christmases.

Last year, we didn't get a white Christmas Day - but the day after was a whole other story!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Good morning Larry, well I hope the key tapping did help you toward dreamland? As for Christmas this year I did the same as you, I sold some ham stuff put the funds together and purchased a piece of ham gear. For me it was the Elecraft P3 that I ordered last week. Just checked the tracking number today and it is set out for delivery today or Friday. As for anything else as Julie did ask me the other night....I am good with the P3. We have had a light dusting of snow here and there but not really anything that is staying.