Sunday, October 30, 2011

CQ Boo disappointment

I sit here typing this, the K2 is spitting out a string of "CQ Boos" for the Zombie Shuffle. It appears that I am going to be confined to 80 Meters tonight as the "local neighborhood QRN" has kicked in and I'm getting 10 over S9 noise on both 40 and 20 Meters.  So far, since local sunset, I have had a sum total of 7 QSOs.  Not exactly how I thought it was going to go.

But the highlight was working two exceptional friends among the six that I had the privilege to work. First, fellow Polar Bear and good friend WA8REI who was operating portable in Michigan.  It's always nice to hook up with Ken, who has a superb fist.  And I was happy that I was able to wish him a "Happy Bearthday" which occurred yesterday for him. Then I was able to work Jim W1PID who always has a superb signal into NJ.  It's hard to imagine that 5 Watts can sound so loud!  I will have to record Jim's signal one of these days so I can have some ammo for the guys who INSIST that QRP signals are necessarily weak

There was a new wrinkle added to the Shuffle this year, you had to send, as part of the exchange, how many years you've been licensed.  This year makes 33 for W2LJ. It's been interesting to hear just exactly how long some of my friends have been licensed.  Even with 33 years under my belt, I feel like a Newbie compared to some of them!

At the very end of my session, I did manage a single, solitary QSO on 40 Meters with Jim W4QO.  It was only due the fact that he was 599 +++ into NJ.  Here's some video/audio that I recorded after our QSO.  This will give you and idea of the noise levels that I sometimes get here on 40 Meters.

.Oh, by the way, here's a self portrait if the Zombie behind the key!

Ain't he handsome?

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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