Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't that beat all ?!?

The Zombie Shuffle for 2011 is history.  Tonight, 20 Meters has a noise level of 1 bar on the K2 and the noise level on 40 Meters is about 2 bars.  The complete and total opposite of last night.

Of course! (Darn mask must have scared away the noise!)

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. The other night, I'm on the air, and my noise level was about s1, peaking S2 on my FT-1000MkV Field, and like someone threw a switch (which is probably exactly what it was, my noise level went to S7-S8, white noise, across all bands. Oh well

    yeah, I'm NOT a QRP guy, but I respect you guys - unfortunately, SSB QRP is no fun IMHO, and I discovered the hard way that CW actually gives me migranes. The tapes when I was learning were not bad, but reall world CW, I can do about to mins, and then it's a dark room with no noise for 6-8 hours. I looks like fun, keys are fun, learning the code was fun, operating? NOT fun (well, fun if it's an armchair copy signal on a dead quiet band). Might be the 2 rigs I've tried - one day I'll get to try a K3