Thursday, March 17, 2011

All right !!!

I heard and worked Len K4NK who was behind the key as K6JSS/4 in South Carolina tonight.  That keeps the string intact for now, but it was rough!  80 Meters has summer time conditions tonight with tons of static crashes and other QRN.  Not hard to believe that Spring officially starts in four days.  In fact, our forecasted high temperature for tomorrow is supposed to be 72F (22C).

On 40 Meters, which is way long again, I heard and worked Silvio HB9LCW with ease.  He was 599 into New Jersey and I got a 579 in return - not bad for 5 Watts!  But of course, this indicates to me that trying to work Dennis N4DD in the 40 Meter Foxhunt tonight will probably be futile.  Tennessee is probably too close for the band.  I'll probably stand a better chance of hooking up with Paul NG7Z in Washington State.

Strange thing tonight is that I am experiencing the direct inverse of band conditions that I have experienced for the past couple of years.  40 Meters is the only band that is quiet for me tonight.  All the other bands have loud hashy noise in the background.  Just the opposite of the past couple years where all the bands were quiet except for 40 Meters. Go figure!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

PS: So much for my expertise and knowledge!  Heard and worked Dennis N4DD in Tennessee who was clear as a bell. Not a peep heard from Paul NG7Z, although I can hear the pack of Hounds chasing him.  Man, this propagation stuff will humble you, every time.

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  1. Switzerland on 40 meters?.....I'd say that's a fantastic contact with 5 watts! Great catch.