Friday, March 11, 2011


On my way into work today, I heard about the earthquake, tsunamis and the resulting devastation that have hit Japan.  Immediately, my thoughts turned to fellow Ham Radio blogger, Leo JJ8KGZ, author of "A Brasspounder's Cafe"  who lives in Northeastern  Japan.  Looking at the maps of the devastation provided by the BBC, it looks like the epicenter of the heaviest damage is a bit to the south of Leo's home QTH.

My thoughts go out to Leo and all our brother and sister Amateur Radio ops and their families who live in Japan, and indeed, to the whole country.  My prayers, and I'm sure the prayers of a lot of us here in the USA go out to our Japanese friends at this most difficult time.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. JJ8KGZ reports he and his family are safe:

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    It was truly sickening watching the tragedy on the news, how could it get worse? and then the containment vessel on that nuclear reactor exploded. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
    Lovely blog Larry, I always enjoy checking it out. de Tom AB9NZ

  3. Thanks God Leo JJ8KGZ (HIROTO TSUKADA) and his family are safe.
    God bless Japaneese people.
    Edwin - YV5HUJ

  4. Hang on there friends! I'm sure all hams around the world are with you in their thoughts and prayers. Aadu, ES1TU